Drilling chemistry

We offer to buy chemical reagents in Almaty, used for drilling wells, including bentonite in Almaty - washing solution. The efficiency of drilling works largely depends on its parameters, since properly prepared mortar brings to the surface the products of rock destruction, cools the rock cutting tool, and also has a lubricating effect on the drill string.

Bentonite in Almaty for drilling (including horizontal drilling)
Our company offers to buy bentonite, designed for the preparation of water-based drilling fluids for all types of drilling operations, both for vertical drilling and for horizontal directional drilling. Bent powder meets the international standards API-13A and OSMA, which significantly improve the viscosity of drilling fluids, reduce fluid loss and the thickness of the mud cake, contribute to better removal of the rock from the well and stabilize the pressure.

Bentonite clay, closed with water, forms a waterproof cake and viscous thixotropic suspensions at a sufficiently low flow rate, which allows this substance to become the most popular material for modern construction and, in particular, for horizontal directional drilling. We are talking about trenchless technologies for laying communications and tunnel construction (with used shielding boards), the installation of waterproofing screens, construction technologies such as "wall in the ground".

Chemical reagents in Almaty and bentonite with delivery across Kazakhstan
The company "Mining & Drilling Services" is the representative of the Russian plant Baulux Ltd. for the production of bentonite in the territory of Kazakhstan. Products of LLC "Baulux" are in no way inferior in quality to European producers. All chemical reagents and other products of the plant at the optimum "PRICE + QUALITY" ratio, successfully competes with such well-known manufacturers as "Baroid", "Sud Chemie", "Cetco", "Swelltonite", etc. The products of LLC "Baulux" correspond to the most high industry requirements and API standards, is made on the basis of three own production centers equipped with modern European equipment. The quality of products is confirmed by the Institute of Geological Sciences. K.I. Satpayev, in Almaty.