Drilling tools

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products manufactured by leading European, Russian, American and Chinese factories;
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And if you have already decided to buy drilling rigs in Kazakhstan, we are happy to offer you equipment for both dry and drilling with water supply and drilling fluids and drilling, as well as any additional equipment, including diamond crowns, core shells, cables , drill pipes and rods, grinding machines and other tools.

Drilling rigs from Mining & Drilling Services LLP: advantages
All installations and tools are distinguished by high reliability, safety in work and durability.
The quality of the products is confirmed by certificates and test results in various operating conditions.
Scope of drilling rigs and tools
Such equipment is widely used in drilling sites and construction sites of any purpose. With their help, holes and cylindrical bore holes are obtained in materials and rocks of varying degrees of hardness. They can also be used for laying communication tunnels and trenches.

Drilling rigs that we offer to buy with delivery to Almaty and Kazakhstan, can be completed at your request by any equipment and additional equipment.